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Activities in Guam

Information about activities in Guam.

Guam Sports Resources
Information on the "Ask About Sports" Web site about sports in Guam. Includes Guam sports organizations, Web sites and articles.

Golfing in Guam

Scuba Diving in Guam

Tours in Guam

Arts and Entertainment in Guam

Recreation and Sports in Guam

Underwater World Aquarium Activities
The Aquarium in Gumon offers activities such as a "Dive with The Sharks" program and a "dinner Under the Sea" program featuring an elegant five course meals served in an area of the aquarium where diners are surrounded by huge sealife tanks.

Air Activities in Guam
- SkyDive Guam

Boating and Fishing in Guam
- Fantasea Charters,/A>
Heritage Boat Charters
Sail Fish Guam
- Guam's Fishing Cooperative

Hiking in Guam
- Guam Boonie Stompers Saturday Hikes
- Guam Guided Adventures Hiking Escursions
- My Guam Hotels: Seven Guam Hiking Trails

Paddling in Guam
- Haggen Outrigger Kanu Klub

Sports Federations of Guam
- Cycling Federation of Guam
- Football Association of Guam
- Shooting Sports Federation of Guam
- Swimming Federation of Guam
- Tennis Federation of Guam
- Triathlon Federation of Guam

Tours of Guam
- Guam Visitors Bureau - Guam Tour List

Water Sports in Guam
- Guam Visitors Bureau "Water Activities" Article
- Alupang Beach Club
- Ocean Jet Club

Other Guam Activities
- Atlantis Submarine Guam
- Guam Safari Tours
- Rock N Rail Horse Ranch (near Anderson AFB)
- Sling Shot Ride (Tumon)
- Strike Zone Baseball Shop (Agana)
- Zorb Guam (roll downhill inside an orb)

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