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About the Two Samoas

Where to find information about the two Samoas, American Samoa (the American Territory of Samoa) and Western Samoa (the Independent State of Samoa), the latter of which is often known as simply "Samoa".

Afono Village in American Samoa
American Samoa
The United States Territory of American Samoa includes Tutuila Island, the Manua Islands, Swains Island, the Rose Atoll, the capital city of Pago Pago and the towns of Fagotogo and Tafuna. American Samoa is located southeast of Western Samoa.It has a population of approximately 56,000 and a total land area of approximately 80 square miles.

Western Samoa: Upolu Island Coastal Road
Western Samoa
The official name of the island nation of Western Samoa is the "Independent State of Samoa". It includes Upolu Island, Savaii Island, the Faleolo International Airport, and the capital city of Apia. It has a population of approximately 180,000 and a total land area of approximately 1100 square miles.

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